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Bharat Gurav


Mr Bharat Gurav has been practicing Astrology and Vastu consultancy for last 30 yrs. in Pune, Maharashtra. He has been conferred many awards and recognitions for his services to mankind through his profession. With his in born talent of Astrology and diploma in Gemology, has been working successfully. He believes that Astrology and Vastu Consultancy go hand in hand. Besides, use of meditation and natural laws in his practice has miraculous results. Every year he visits peaks and ranges of Himalayas for the renewal of self and collects the inner strength for the whole year.

This renewal of the self in the nature’s vicinity and knowledge of herbs and medicinal plants have given new evolutionary possibilities for the Astrology and Vastu Consultancy. His practice of Astrology combines strong intuition knowledge of herbs deep compassion and professional expertise He gives very simple remedies to solve the problems and distance water healing is also one of the important remedies used by him which has wonderful results The remedies he suggests are the products of rigorous efforts of combining five fundamental elements of Nature He advises clients for the soul fulfillment with the timeless wisdom of Astrology.


Astrology Consultation

We all are living in a state of constant conflict. Happiness is as exclusive as ever. Numerous materialistic offerings are not able to quench our thirst of a fulfilling life.

Marriage Kundali Matching

Marriage Kundali Matching helps you understand if there are any problems, you will know how to fix them. While getting insight about how the other person thinks and reacts …


This science is complete in itself, happiness to the whole world it can bring all the four benefits it bestows on you rightful living, money, fulfillment of desires and bliss…