Vastu Shield Agarbatti


Vastushastra plays a vital and significant role in renovating / reconstructing / rebuilding or in new construction of Vastu. It is scientifically proven that there are innumerable elements which affect both positively and negatively the Vast from it and outside

There are several ways to eradicate the negative influences creating bad result in Vastu. Sometime this is achieved through changing the internal design or placing some things in a particularly decided way or performing Hom-Havan or invoking some mantras. But the most effective economical remedy is Vastu Shield Agarbatti

This agarbatti destroys the negative energy causing depression and phobias and the knowing
negative influences residing in Vastu get weakened and energies the influence of the elements of the nature. The fragrance of the agarbatti rejuvenates, reenergizes, and refreshes mind with the finest happiness and noblest ideas. The ingredients used Vastu Shield Agarbatti balances the elements of nature and make it stay per mentally in vastu

The agarbatti purifies the environment destroying the negative effects of vat, pitta and cough facilitating the essential elements of Oxygen it helps to make the environment holy. Destroying all the negative influences and energy is establishes the divine power in the vastu. Vastu becomes purified and sacred entirely and it is filled with a devotional and divine spirit. The use of shilajeet and kasturi in Vastu Shield Agarbatti eliminates all the evil powers and insulated the Vastu and protects it from every kind of evil elements.

Read its Invention and Benefits Below.


Would you like to supercharge your House & Office each day and keep yourself and your family more protected from Negative Energies?

So here is An Easy Inexpensive Way To Clean Negative Energies From Your House & Office And Nourish It With Noble Positive Ones Vastu Shield Agarbatti, an amazingly simple yet potent ancient remedy that burns off evil energies prevailing in your house and office for years and supercharges it with the positive ones.

Did you know the architecture and aura of your house and office attract and repel negative energies? In fact people visiting your house and office bring-in certain energies. (Chances are, certain visitors are jealous of you, speak evil of you and simply couldn’t digest your success.)

We cannot judge if these energies could be dark, depressing, and sick, or could be highly noble, nourishing, elevating and positive.

Unfortunately if your house or office attracts and stores negative evil energies – you may experience its terrible effects –poor health, job dissatisfaction, business loss, ruined relationships or could be some continuous unsatisfactory or painful situation in your everyday life.

 That’s How Vastu Shield Agarbatti started !

For over 30 years of practicing Astrology and a Vastu Expert, I’ve been known for recommending utterly practical and easy-to-do remedies I have always noticed that most of the time when I have visited my client’s home or office and suggested them the Vastu changes, most of my clients requested me,” Pandit ji do you’ve a remedy where I won’t have make these expensive changes of de-construct my house or office”, Or “Do you have a simple everyday energy-purifier which I can use at my home or office.

I got really concerned with this problem of my clients, where usual Vastu recommendations demands constructional changes and expensive remedies. And these days even a small constructional change needs a good amount of money and time. And if you stay in a rented property then you can’t even make changes even if you wanted to, Plus it’s also not possible to do spiritual and energy cleansing activities regularly due to busy daily routine

I understood that people urgently needed an economic negativity antidote which is powerful and can be used effortlessly, any time of the day

I was eager to find a solution and I did it !

To me it was absolutely unfair, to ask my clients to make such expensive changes which  people can’t even afford.. hence I decided to find out the solution that help the mankind.

Apart from practicing Astrology and a Vastu Expert, I am a fragrance-healing expert too, I was already aware of certain powerful natural ancient ingredients that have worked wonders for centuries in the past. In ancient time people kept special protective fragrances at home and carried them along, while traveling out– in dark, in crowds or mile away in the forests.

One of the reason why people carried Kasturi with them for centuries.

Can we access the same ancient, protective remedy to burn those negative energies and attract positive ones?

For centuries people have relied upon this little-know fragrances, protecting themselves and their family. But like most good old things, this practice disappeared, probably because of the scarcity of the right elements, or ignorance or been replaced with mediocre products by shrewd marketers for money

I decided to get those ingredients and that too of supreme quality, hence immediately started to travel various parts of India, European and other countries and after months of research I found the harvesters and suppliers of those ingredients in India, Nepal and China, using those ingredients I crafted a small batch of Agarbatti and immediately contacted my clients and friends to test the same and well, the response has been overwhelming.

Many of them wrote me back, ” As soon as I opened the packet of Vastu Shield, I was awestruck by the gentle, mild and the soothing fragrance, something like I have never smelled before”.

Many of them said,”After using the same we can feel the difference being charged with positive vibes”.

Result, many of my clients who are highly educated professionals, business owners, working mothers and even doctors and astrologers started using Vastu Shield Agarbatti every day.

Soon I started to receive reference calls and emails from all around, demanding Vastu Shield Agarbatti

I realized there is a huge opportunity for me to reach out and help people who need immediate inexpensive quick fix Vastu and everyday powerful energy cleansing remedy which is affordable and easy to use for anyone in the house or office.

After you start to use, You will experience the following

Works immediately –  As soon as you lit the Vatsu Shield, you’ll start to feel a sense of well being.
Purifies environment – The carefully chosen fragrance destroys the negative effects of vat, pitta and cough.
Eliminates evil power – These carefully chosen ingredient helps eliminates evil power and protects the house.
Wholesome mind and body effect – The subtle energizing fragrance – instantly turns the environment alive, vibrant and elevating.
Save you from expensive re-construction and demolition – In situations when it’s too expensive or too cumbersome to make constructional chances  Vastu Shield can be a true aid.
Works entire day – Unlike other agarbatti, Vatu Shield’s fragrance lingers around the entire home, reaches to the corners and works almost entire day.
So easy anyone in your family can do – You just have to lit the Vatu Shield at home in morning and evening. That’s it. And this powerful energy cleansing remedy works on its own.
You and your guest will be amazed by the fragrance – Who so ever visits your house will love the charming aroma. You see this simple act of lighting Vastu Shield Agarbatti each day add more sparkles and vitality to your home and office. Imagine starting your day with such a powerful energy purifying practice.  And it’s so simple and easy, you just have to lit the Vastu Shield and it start to work automatically.

Additional information

Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 30 × 5 × 1.5 cm