Naresh Agrawal

A property I was struggling with got sold like a piece hot cake.

I am working as Real Estate Agent in Pune since 2004.

I had a piece of property which I was trying to sell from a long time but because the property had a lot of vastu defects , it was “VYAGHRA MUKHI” the deal was not getting through. But when I got the Panch Dhantu Tar means five element energy, placed in the land of the property, it got sold like a piece of hot cake.

Now I consult Bharatji before buying or selling any property. He even advises us & friends on all our existing office, home and factory premises as the best part about him is he doesn’t suggests any kind of demolition or changes to the existing premises.

I always tell my friends that Bharat Gurav ji’s simple remedies are all time best. I strongly recommend to everyone before purchasing any plot or flat to consult it once with Bharatji Gurav. Love you Bhart Guravji