Poonam Deshmukh

My “go to” person for most unpredictable and un-resolvable situations

I have a family with my 9 year old daughter and my husband. I work as a software engineer. Gurav kaka has been my “go to” person for most unpredictable and un-resolvable health, travel, job and education hurdles.

I can quote a few examples of how Gurav kaka has been helping me out.

    1. My husband used to travel every week, all over the world for work. Gurav kaka told us some predictions and resolutions to reduce my husband’s work travel. His predictions were accurate and resolutions were easy to follow. Things went according to his predictions. This made my family start trusting in him.
    2. My daughter and I have been having a few health issues and Gurav kaka has helped us out with simple solutions to get rid of such issues.
    3. He has a very good intuition sense. Even though he had never visited my house, he could locate an arch in my house while I was not even aware of this arch in my house.
    4. He has always provided us with the necessary guidance in education, job and immigration areas.
    5. His predictions and guidance helps us in planning and preparing ourselves for the future things/events.
    6. He has never asked me for money. It has always been my will to pay him.
    7. His predictions, guidance and resolutions have always helped us get the peace of mind.
    8. Thank you very much for being there for us, Gurav kaka! Your help matters us a lot.