Ravi Agarwal

I’ve had reasons to believe Bharat ji because whatever he predicted turns out to be so accurate for me.

I was going through worst phase of my life, one of my best friend recommended to contact Bharat Gurav . As I was desperate to know what’s going on and how long it would go on. I met Bharat ji. He asked my Place, Date & Time of birth. He said Ravi , the next one and half years are bit tough then your best time is coming up.

In fact every astrologer had said that so believed what he told me . But the way he explained me everything , I found it very cool, friendly and very different from traditional & orthodox astrologers.

In 2015 I had reason to believe that whatever he predicts turns out to be so accurate. I had few listings that were not getting sold and I had already spent lots of time and efforts , I almost lost hope that I may not find buyers for those properties. So I met Bharat ji and asked if I would be able to sell those houses. He looked at my birth chart and said Ravi all your listings would be sold. And it was 2015 winters and real estate activity was very low, and knows what before the end of year all my listings were sold.

I was bit surprised and happy that it happened.